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GB ActiveTestimonials

“So after roughly three months of boot camp with the GB athletes, Kat and Patrick I’ve lost lots of weight and have really noticed my fitness improve. If I can do it anyone can! All the athletes are really encouraging and there is a lot of fun and laughter. You don’t realise how hard you are working. I started at the lowest level and have now moved up one level, still aiming for Gold level but not quite there yet. I’ve honestly never enjoyed exercising so much. Thank you all. Look forward to many more Monday’s and Wednesday’s.”


“I enjoy the work outs. You make it fun which takes your mind off how hard you are working out. Have been to a couple of boot camps but never enjoyed them but yours I did enjoy thank you.”


“Since I joined GB active 2 months ago I lost around 4 kilos. This has been a great experience. They always push you to go beyond your limit and it is worth it. I really recommend it. Working with a team of professional trainers and athletes, you can see they not only know what they are talking about but they are also there to help you get healthier and in shape. More than just training, I enjoyed the different games they incorporated with each session. This is a fun and warm atmosphere. Everyone is so nice and welcoming.”


“Very impressed by the quality and professionalism of the session. Athletes could not be more helpful. Look forward to attending more sessions!”


“Great session. Very interactive and motivational, amazing how adding a little competitive edge makes you push yourself harder, it was really good as the session worked with various fitness levels. Would highly recommend it to anyone.”


“Absolutely brilliant session! Really well organised, and the instructor built up a good rapport with all participants and pitched it to their level. I left feeling really knackered but thoroughly enjoyed myself and will be attending again!”


“I went to the GB Active bootcamp last week (first time and first bootcamp ever). I have a long-term sports injury on my heel, so am no longer fit and wanted to make sure I could still do the bootcamp. I am so impressed with the personal care I received from my first phone call to the actual bootcamp. I can’t run, so was given personal exercises to still take part in the short spurts of running, but not cause pain to my injury. The format is such that you do really exercise, but it is made fun with games and breaks between each exercise. You don’t notice how much you’ve actually done… until the next day! 🙂 The GB active trainers are really attentive and needless to say the GB athletes are a treat to listen to and follow. According to your fitness level, you choose the number of repetitions you do, so if you just want to get fitter, or are training for a serious sports event, you can exercise to the degree you want in an enjoyable, social atmosphere. All in all, cannot recommend it enough. Everything promised on their website and more! If anyone else gets to read this, definitely worth trying and then you can decide for yourself!”