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Kat operations director for GB Active

With an MSc by Research in Sport and Exercise Science, Kat is more than qualified to advise on any exercise or nutritional matters. Energetic and lively, she enjoy training people with many different aims. Her clients have a variety of health and fitness goals, from keen club level athletes wanting to enhance their performance, to people looking to regain independence following a serious injury or illness.

Kat has been personal training for a number of years alongside studying for her degrees, and aims to make the sessions as fun and hands-on as possible, avoiding repetitive and monotonous activities, to help you get the most out of your training.

Kat claims that she enjoys training anyone and everyone, and loves a challenge- so please feel free to put her to the test!



With a qualification in personnel training and high amount of experience and passion for healthy living, Des is highly qualified to advise and support any exercise and nutritional matters. His passion came at an early age when he started competing in athletics and that’s where he discovered his self-determination and enjoyment of exercise. Although Des did not go onto compete at a high level, he enjoyed the training and the benefits on which it offered.

Des has a high amount of enthusiasm, always hands on and enjoys sharing fun and creative exercises with everyone. He has also studied Caporero and currently practicing Tha Chi in his spare time. Des enjoys the challenge on meeting people’s goals however big or small and welcomes anybody to put him to the test!