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How do the sessions work?

Sessions are an hour long and are taken by a GB athlete together with a personal trainer to help you get the most out of the time.

Which athlete will be taking the session?

We currently have 5 athletes on our books, you can read about them on our athlete profiles page at HERE . Our athletes take sessions on a rotating basis depending on both their training schedules and our needs. We try to vary them so that we don’t have the same athlete taking sessions for e.g., 3 days in a row, or on the same day every week giving you the best chance of working with all of our athletes.

Where do the sessions take place?

Our bootcamps are in Green Park, adjacent to Piccadilly, approx a 60sec walk from Green Park tube station. You can spot us by our red tent!

Are you a shouty, military style bootcamp?

No. We will encourage you to work your hardest, but we’re a friendly, inclusive bunch.

Is there somewhere safe to leave my bag?

We bring the aforementioned red tent to keep your bags safe and dry. We train close to the tent, but for peace of mind we recommend that you avoid bringing laptops and valuables as we cannot take responsibility in the unlikely event that anything goes missing.

Are there toilets close by?

Yes, there are toilets at Green Park station. You’ll need 50p.

I’m a beginner/ very fit, will the sessions be suitable for me?

We have 3 different levels that you can work at: bronze for those new to training, silver for those that want a challenge and gold for those that are very fit. If for some reason these levels aren’t suitable, we can adjust for individuals as necessary.

My friend and I have different fitness levels, can we still train together?

Absolutely! For most of the sessions, everyone trains together anyway.

I have a problem with my knees/ ankles/ back etc, can I still train?

Probably, but please email us at info@gb-active.co.uk with any contraindications such as injuries or conditions that we need to be aware of prior to your first session. It may be relevant to mention on your initial health screen, and it is important that you discuss this with the trainer on site to be sure that they are aware of your condition.

What should I wear?

Anything that you can move in is good. A decent pair of trainers is essential, and we recommend bringing a lightweight waterproof jacket and baseball cap in case of rain. Layers are usually advisable in colder weather so that you can adjust as we go

It’s raining/ snowing/ the gates of Hades have opened- will there still be a session?

Most likely yes- it is incredibly rare that we cancel a session. If this were to happen, we aim to contact everyone signed up for the session by text and/ or email, and to post the cancellation on our social media.

Ok, I’m convinced- how do I sign up for my free trial?

Just click the button on our homepage, or go to HERE , add your details and choose a date for your trial!