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Ethos & the founders

GB ActiveAboutEthos & the founders


Since the London 2012 Olympics, the government and Sport England have worked to build a legacy to inspire people to get more active and take on a healthy lifestyle. We try and meet these goals by our ethos which is to INSPIRE. We believe in making an atmosphere that is:

Inventive – producing different varieties of exercises so that there is always something new
Nutritional – to support and help  nutritional values to achieve your goals
Sustainable – encouraging you to sustain personal fitness and exercise
Progressive– to help improve and progress your personal goals
Inspirational – having an inspirational athlete to encourage you towards your goals
Role Model – having a positive role model to help you through your exercises and goals
Enjoyable – producing a fun atmosphere throughout


GB Active was founded by Patrick and Kat from the idea of giving people a chance to train with a GB athlete. The premise is to bring GB calibre fitness sessions to people of all levels and abilities by using fun, motivational and inventive exercises in a social community. GB Active is not just about getting our clients toned and in shape, but also about giving support on nutrition, sustainable exercise and progression towards their fitness goals.

Managing Director

Patrick has always been an avid sports fan and has run two marathons, each in under four hours. He used to work up and down the country promoting healthy lifestyles in schools with GB athletes. It was there that he discovered how professional athletes make great role models with regard to getting people fit and active.

“Some people give up or struggle with exercise because of lack of motivation, fun, time, belief or even finding it daunting. What better way to change that than a GB athlete sharing their knowledge and wisdom with you? Our athletes have all of these traits in order to train and compete at Olympic, World, European and National championship level. GB Active is not about just delivering a workout for the super fit but to cater for all level of abilities through simple adaptations. Making it as fun as possible gives our member the best way to sustain and meet their own personal fitness goals. These sessions also benefit the athletes by giving them a chance to share their passion with the community, and by increasing their public profiles to support themselves through sponsorship to compete at the highest level.”

Operations Director

Kat has been in the fitness industry for 10 years and has both a BSc (Hons) and an MSc by Research in Sport and Exercise Science. Having been based in a gym for a few years. Kat now almost exclusively trains her clients outdoors and believes that fitness is the basis for a fun and free lifestyle. She is a keen adventurer and has recently trekked to the summit of Kilimanjaro as well as to Everest Base Camp.

“I believed that professional athletes are great role models for people to be inspired by and that making exercise fun is essential for prolonged adherence to a fitness programme. The athletes’ knowledge, experiences and personalities can really help to make a difference to people’s effort and goals.”